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A Win-Win Tool for Improving Local Public Health – Commentary from the Directors of CHA

Economic modeling is fast becoming an indispensable tool to advance public health and health equity. Center for Health Advancement (CHA) Co-Directors, Drs. Jonathan Fielding and Fred Zimmerman, wrote a commentary for the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice that discusses the value of modeling as a decision-support tool for public health practitioners. Using the CHA Win-Win […]

CHA Workshop: ‘Taking Action Using Data Driven Planning Tools’

The workshop, supported by California Community Foundation, will show participants how to use forecasts to strength grantwriting and demonstrate need for a program or policy. A California Community Foundation grantee will talk about how they’ve used health forecasts to address opportunities and challenges.   If you’d like to register, please contact [email protected] before October 28th.   View the Agenda 

Education’s Greatest Challenge is Chronic Absenteeism

More than 6 million students nationwide missed at least 15 days of school in the 2013-14 school year, according to data collection by the U.S. Department of Education released last week. Missed school days are a predictor of high school dropout, which has been linked to poor outcomes later in life, including poverty, poor health […]

To Keep Kids Reading, Keep Them from Wheezing

One of the biggest barriers to equal educational opportunity disproportionately affects low-income and minority students, lasts throughout childhood, and causes more than 13 million missed school days annually. Yet this barrier—asthma—can be relatively easily controlled.   Children as young as pre-school age who are missing numerous school days, whether they are excused absences or not, […]

Programs and Policies that Improve Health, Education, Crime and Other Sectors Highlighted in New Win-Win Project Website

You often hear that it costs more to imprison a person for a year than to send them to Harvard with full tuition, room and board for a year. On the basis of factoids like this, people often claim cities and states can save money by investing in programs that prevent violence and crime, rather […]