Monthly Archives: December 2015

Parking minimums and fitness

This entertaining two-minute video explains why parking is one of the most important parts of the context of urban health. UCLA professor Don Shoup has been beating this drum for years, although not so much from a health angle.  Sometimes the simplest regulations—that every home and commercial space has to come with parking—have the deepest impacts. […]

The Bike, Bus and Asshole Lane

Wilshire Boulevard has a new bus-only lane, but it’s bus-only in name only.   Until the City gets serious about enforcement, perhaps the bus-only  lane should be known by a more descriptive name: the bus, bike and asshole lane.   Cars routinely drive in the bus lane during bus-only/bike-only hours and enforcement is non-existent. Most drivers respect […]

Ebola Quarantines Created Fear Not Safety

Dr. Craig Spencer, New York’s first Ebola patient and a former classmate of mine, contracted Ebola in October 2014 while doing aid work in Guinea. He fell ill several days later after he returned home. During the few days before he had any symptoms, Dr. Spencer practiced self-monitoring, a strategy workers who were potentially exposed […]

A Missing Piece of the Gun Violence Debate

In the wake of recent events in Paris, Colorado Springs, and San Bernardino, there has been renewed debate about gun ownership in our society, with the president addressing the debate this past Sunday. The issue seems more important than ever, with more mass shootings occurring in the current calendar year than days so far. The […]

The Third Era of Humility

The third era is an exciting time to be in public health. It means not just badgering individuals about their health behaviors, but working across sectors to ensure the conditions in which people can pursue health. And it recognizes health as a resource for everyday living. But while the third era of public health has […]

Raising the Floor on Gasoline

It’s time to put a floor under the price of gasoline.   The climate talks going on in Paris this week will determine how many hundreds of millions of people will be displaced by climate change. At stake is whether the planet warms by 4 degrees Celsius, or only about 2 degrees. The effects of a […]