Monthly Archives: November 2016

A woman’s maternity should not be a one-way ticket to eternity

Globally, maternal mortality is on its way to becoming a public health victory with decreased deaths for many countries in recent years. However, the U.S. has not followed that trend. In fact, we’ve gotten worse. Between 2000 and 2013, when the most recent data is available, the number of women who have died from pregnancy […]

If Silence=Death then Voter Suppression=Murder

What’s good for the body politic is good for the body. From 1990’s AIDS activism to today’s attention to community-based participatory research, public health has long recognized that good health requires healthy debate. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation captures the importance of voice to health as a key driver of a Culture of Health: In a […]

A Win-Win Tool for Improving Local Public Health – Commentary from the Directors of CHA

Economic modeling is fast becoming an indispensable tool to advance public health and health equity. Center for Health Advancement (CHA) Co-Directors, Drs. Jonathan Fielding and Fred Zimmerman, wrote a commentary for the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice that discusses the value of modeling as a decision-support tool for public health practitioners. Using the CHA Win-Win […]