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The Blue and the Green

Julien Sorel wishes to make his fortune. With intellectual talent but not much creativity, he understands that there are only two paths upward from his petty bourgeoisie background: the priesthood—the black—or the military—the red. He chooses the black.     Two centuries’ time has changed a lot since Stendahl’s nineteenth-century novel The Red and the Black, […]

Ebola Quarantines Created Fear Not Safety

Dr. Craig Spencer, New York’s first Ebola patient and a former classmate of mine, contracted Ebola in October 2014 while doing aid work in Guinea. He fell ill several days later after he returned home. During the few days before he had any symptoms, Dr. Spencer practiced self-monitoring, a strategy workers who were potentially exposed […]

Facing Football’s Failures Head-On

Growing up in small-town Alabama has made me intimately familiar with the importance our country assigns to football. Between the NCAA and NFL, football dominates over half of the nights of the week. Given this level of fanaticism, it should be clear that my ideas expressed herein are not popular, but the evidence of the […]