Boyd Jackson wins Rick Brown Award

Boyd is a current PhD student who has been an integral part of the Center for Health Advancement since several months before he arrived at UCLA. He developed the core of the Win-Win Model, and has been a pillar of its development into the sophisticated model it is today. Always eager to help out, and exceptionally effective when doing so, Boyd merits this award by a wide and unmistakable margin. He’s also contributed a number of insightful posts to this blog.


The late Rick Brown was a tireless fighter for the rights of all Americans, beginning in his undergraduate days in Berkeley in the 1960s. He passion for social justice was soon refined into a lifelong fight for equal access to healthcare, in the course of which he founded the nation’s largest and most comprehensive health survey (the California Health Interview Survey) and one of the premier Centers of Health Policy Research. Dr. Brown advised both California and US officials on the design of the Affordable Care Act. After his untimely death in 2012 at age 70, a scholarship fund was created in his honor.


Boyd’s dissertation research is on the potential of medico-legal partnerships to improve health outcomes. These partnerships—in which a lawyer working in a health clinic provides free legal assistance to low-income patients—hold tremendous promise for improving the working and living conditions of vulnerable people who seek care, and may thereby improve health outcomes. But to date the health outcomes of medical-legal partnerships have not been formally evaluated. Boyd, who will be starting the JD part of his education at Stanford Law School this fall, will be analyzing the potential impact, administrative logistics, and legal issues surrounding medico-legal partnerships for his dissertation.


I think Rick would have been delighted with Boyd’s selection of the Award in his name.

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  1. Larry Harden says:

    Congratulations !!!! I know your family is very happy with your outstanding leadership that you have given back to the world.

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