Monthly Archives: October 2015

Equal Pay Benefits Everyone, Not Just Women

Earlier this month, California adopted one of the strongest pay equity laws in the U.S. aimed at decreasing the wage gap. Women have always been paid less than men for the same work, currently a median 84 cents for every dollar a man earns, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That means women would have […]

A Triple Win for Corn (yes, corn)

  Corn is much maligned in public health because of its use in stuffing beef cattle till they fart.  And of course high-fructose corn syrup. But corn doesn’t have to be all bad, so let’s take a moment to look at the bright side.   An American maize researcher in Mexico is working with New […]

More on Racial Profiling

My original post on racial profiling provoked quite a discussion on the Spirit of 1848 listserve.  A colleague wrote that he wasn’t sure that racial profiling has a profound effect on health outcomes.  Indeed not. But I use the word “profound” not as a simple synonym of “big”, but to mean deep — going down many […]

Standing Desks for Students

Here’s an innovative idea. Ditching tables and chairs for standing desks at schools. That is just what this elementary school has done in San Rafael, California.   We are seeing more workplaces using standing desks and replacing chairs with yoga balls, so why not schools? Sitting for too long can have a negative impact on […]

Upstream Health and Susan Linn

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You hear a lot of talk about upstream factors in public health, and there is a strong shared belief in their importance. So what are these upstream factors that drive population health?   I recently read the original article by John McKinlay, which remains not only fresh, but radical. There is a lot to say […]

How do we prevent mass shootings?

“Somehow this has become routine.  The reporting is routine.  My response here at this podium ends up being routine.  The conversation in the aftermath of it.  We’ve become numb to this.” President Obama delivered a powerful speech in the aftermath of the latest mass shooting at an Oregon community college. He called for greater gun […]

We are not amused by your security theater

OK, here’s a really bad idea that should be nipped right in the bud. US Senators Cory Booker and Richard Bloomenthal think the TSA should implement some kind of airport-level security for trains and subways. Seriously?   StreetsblogUSA has an excellent take-down of this farcical proposal.  The Senators are concerned about an attack like the […]