You’re invited to UCLA webinar: Forecasting Depression in Los Angeles County 02/28

Dr. Jonathan Fielding invites you to participate in a webinar hosted by the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health’s Center for Health Advancement in partnership with the UniHealth Foundation.


“Making the Case for Strategic Investments in Mental Health Using Health Forecasts”

February 28th

10:00 am- 11:00 am


This webinar is open to public agencies, community-based groups, hospitals, and non-profits interested in and/or provide services in the mental health field.


Mental health is a serious challenge facing communities. How can communities reduce the burden of mental health? What kind of data driven tools can effectively assess the scope of the problem and identify opportunities to affect change?


For over 15 years, Health Forecasting UCLA has provided insights into community health problems that are costly, preventable, and manageable. Through the support of UniHealth Foundation, we’ve developed a predictive model which focuses on major depression among adults in Los Angeles County through the year 2050. Our goal is to shed light on the multi-faceted challenge of mental health. We are adapting our analytic tools, developed for examining physical health conditions, to study depression in Los Angeles County, by projecting depression trends in different population groups and assessing the potential impact of evidence-based community interventions to reduce onset and recurrence.


Webinar attendees will provide input as we design tools to better target our analyses and communicate results. Attendees will help answer:

  • What innovative programs are most likely to address mental health needs in their communities?
  • What is the best way to present results from our model?
  • What data and analysis would be most useful in advocating for mental health programs?
  • What types of communication would be most helpful?


Email [email protected] to register and receive the dial-in instructions.

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