Monthly Archives: August 2016

A Public Health Concern: Summer Music Festivals

Summer often marks the reprisal of long-awaited music festivals that students have paid months in advance for to watch their favorite artists play live. While many hope for a fun weekend with friends, music festivals have increasingly become a public health concern. HARD Summer Music Festival took place about two weeks ago. As overwhelmingly fun […]

Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job

The short-term benefit is money in their pockets. The long-term benefits are improved educational, employment and health outcomes and reduced drug/alcohol use, arrest rates for violent crime and incarceration. Summer jobs for youth do more than save kids from boredom during their time off from school.   After generally trending downward since 1989, the labor […]

The Geometry of Justice

Atlanta highway congestion

On a recent trip to Minnesota, a good friend — someone I like and whose opinions I trust — blistered my ear about the self-entitlement of public transit authorities.  He was speaking particularly about Metro Transit in the Twin Cities, but some of what he said could be leveled at lots of transit agencies.   They […]