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How Right to Counsel Could Decrease Homelessness

It’s easy to assume that homeless people need a house—but sometimes they need a lawyer even more.   Many people associate homelessness with mental health or drug abuse problems. However, there is a large number of families – most with children – who become homeless not because of their health, but because of illegal and […]

Lowering the cost of fruits and vegetables may save lives

We hear it all the time. If we eat our fruits and vegetables it will help decrease our waistline and increase our overall health. However, many low-income and middle-income populations cannot afford these healthy foods, instead opting for packaged, processed foods that aren’t so good for their health. But what would happen to their health […]

Using Predictive Analytics to Prevent Morbidity and Mortality

Many public health interventions are designed to address already existing public health epidemics, for example by encouraging physical activity to address the obesity epidemic or creating a vaccine after a large outbreak. Public health challenges can be difficult to predict, which explains why interventions are often designed after a public health challenge is considered an […]

Washington D.C. Next City to Consider Paying Criminals Not To Commit Crimes

Another city is jumping on the cash incentives bandwagon. Washington, D.C. is considering a program that would pay people not to commit crimes. We’ve written about a very similar program in Richmond, CA. Richmond saw a 77% percent drop in homicides over a 7-year period, although critics say the decrease can at least be partially […]

California Vaccination Rates Up Ahead of Enactment of State Law

The vaccination rate for California kindergartners has increased 2.5 percentage points since the previous school year, according to recently released data from the California Department of Public Health. Los Angeles County saw the largest increase in the number of fully vaccinated students – almost 9,000 children – compared to the previous school year. Alameda County […]

The Role of Public Health Technology in Emergencies

As extreme weather conditions become more common, connecting people to information and aid during emergencies can be crucial to saving lives. Social media sites and other technologies are quickly becoming common tools for public health departments and other organizations to quickly inform and mobilize people. Today, more than 100,000 health apps are available in the […]

The Public Health Impact of Climate Change

It’s official. The World Health Organization declared the Zika virus an international public health emergency on Monday. So far all known cases in the U.S. have been infected abroad, but the virus is expected to spread rapidly if nothing is done, partly due to warmer weather patterns that let mosquitos thrive.   The past year […]

Treating Drug Addiction as a Health Issue, Not a Crime

An average of 125 people die a day from drug overdoses, primarily driven by prescription painkillers and heroin. That is more than car accidents. Overdoses have increased in nearly every county in the U.S. between 2002 and 2014. Heroin used to be primarily used by inner-city young men, but today suburban areas and the White […]

Preventing Conflict Starts in the Classroom

Read any news story today and you’ll likely get the sense that we are a nation becoming increasingly divided along political, racial, religious, and income lines. Perhaps related, many of our large cities are experiencing a recent increase in violence. In Milwaukee the number of murders increased by 76% between 2014 and 2015. The most […]

Tracking Deaths by Law Enforcement Necessary to Public Health

High-profile shootings by law enforcement in the last year have brought attention to the decades-long debate about lethal force used by police in the U.S. Many protests, particularly by civil rights groups and the growing Black Lives Matter campaign, believe officers are intentionally and disproportionately targeting people of color, particularly young men. However, other conservative […]