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How do we prevent mass shootings?

“Somehow this has become routine.  The reporting is routine.  My response here at this podium ends up being routine.  The conversation in the aftermath of it.  We’ve become numb to this.” President Obama delivered a powerful speech in the aftermath of the latest mass shooting at an Oregon community college. He called for greater gun […]

We are not amused by your security theater

OK, here’s a really bad idea that should be nipped right in the bud. US Senators Cory Booker and Richard Bloomenthal think the TSA should implement some kind of airport-level security for trains and subways. Seriously?   StreetsblogUSA has an excellent take-down of this farcical proposal.  The Senators are concerned about an attack like the […]

Stagnant Wages

If you care about population health, you probably know that real wages have stagnated. Here’s the Economic Policy Institute on the depressing stagnation of wages over 40 years.   Given all the research on the effects of low income on health—because of long working hours, poor educational opportunities, lack of effective access to care, stress—we should […]

Street harassment: A Major Barrier to a Healthy Lifestyle

Imagine that every time you go for a walk around the block or run errands in your neighborhood, half the people you pass make an unwanted comment about the way you look, walk or dress. It doesn’t matter if it is meant to be a compliment or not, you feel on display. It doesn’t matter […]

Racial Profiling — Who knew?

  Sandra Bland died in custody after failing to signal a turn.  Walter Scott was shot in the back by a police officer after a routine traffic stop for a broken taillight. Samuel DuBose lost his life over a missing front license plate.   Maybe you thought racial profiling in police stops was only for New […]

Toxic work?

Anne-Marie Slaughter laments excessive workplace demands.  She’s right to raise the issue, and generally raises the right issues.  The problem is especially severe for those at the bottom and the top of the wage gamut.  At the bottom: When an abundance of overly rigid workplaces causes 42 million American citizens to live day to day […]

Is Your Neighborhood Making You Sick?

Can you take your dog for a walk and feel safe? Are there sidewalks to keep you from dodging cars as you walk? How walkable is your community?   When people think about living healthy lifestyles that include daily physical activity, the layout of their neighborhood doesn’t always immediately come to mind. However, the design […]

Changing the Game: Community Policing to Improve Public Safety

  In 2007, Richmond, California was the 9th most dangerous city in America facing an epidemic of homicides. But now, 5 years later, the number of homicides has been cut in half. Homicides are one of the leading causes of years of lost life, so a halving of the homicide rate is an amazing public […]