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Getting to No

Politicians love to say “yes” to their constituents, but sometimes social justice requires that we give policy-makers a little help in getting to No.  

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Total tax rates for all levels of government in developed countries.

Fast Tax Facts

Here is a visual blog post that largely speaks for itself.  The light gray lines represent other OECD countries. Some talking points, if you like:

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Lead Still Weighs Us Down

At the first mention of lead in the United States, almost every mind immediately turns to the ongoing crisis in Flint, Michigan. It is important

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Google Doodle for Jane Jacobs

Happy Birthday, Jane Jacobs!

Without Jane Jacobs, our cities wouldn’t be less diverse and public health would suffer.   In honor of Jane Jacobs’ 100th birthday today, there are many wonderful encomiums

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The Molecule Made Me Do It

Several weeks have passed since the Michigan Primaries, and as the cameras and political spotlight left the state, the country that was once so outraged

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Lead: A Four-Part Series

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